Emplify provides customized experiential learning tools to help people bridge socially constructed differences

How it works

When we listen to the stories of many people different from us, our hearts and minds begin to open up and form connections

Immersing ourselves in the lives of others allows us to embody their feelings and empathize with their lived experiences

We can prepare to create more equitable team cultures by acquiring tools that facilitate behavior change

 Integrating new tools and broader mindsets into our daily lives is a challenging journey that emplify hopes to support you with

How to Engage with us

We believe that you will receive the best chance at long lasting and effective culture change through the use of all the phases of our program, but they can also be used individually

We customize our program so that it is best suited to your organization’s specific needs. We spark deep connections to amplify empathy in your teams.

All of our content is based on true stories sourced from their communities, and we aim to highlight the interdependencies between different cultures, subcultures and intersectional identities

Let’s see how we can work together!

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