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In this episode, our host, Niveen Sayeed, is talking to Elsa Gomes Bondlow about the journey and purpose of Emplify. Emplify’s mission is to broaden the mindsets of individuals by helping them understand their own biases, expand their world views and reduce the emotional burden of this work on those who are already marginalized. 

Since empathy is the basis of all of Emplify’s work, they discuss this current buzzword of empathy in detail. Why it is vital to society and how it plays a role specifically in the current workplace. They talk about the importance of balance between exhibiting empathy for others
– which is transformative during this pandemic- and how to avoid empathy fatigue. The show ends with tips for cultivating empathy across a globally interconnected world.

To explore more about this topic and to learn more about what  we do at Emplify, please visit

Niveen Sayeed is a global citizen who believes in humanity over nationality. She is a creator of evocative experiences and her work has spanned from building physical experiences as an architectural designer, to creating digital experiences as a design and UX Strategist. She
is now using these skills to help build resilient communities infused with meaning and fulfillment.

Elsa Gomes Bondlow is a natural born connector, an international bridge builder, a professional fundraiser and an empathetic social justice activist with a passion for the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. She is motivated to empower leaders in building an inclusive culture of understanding, while cultivating welcoming environments, where all can fully belong, innovate and get effective results. 


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